HEAL   *   LEARN   *   GROW



Sacred Heart Ranch of Idaho is a transition home utilizing a trauma informed care model for young women during difficult times in their lives. We provide housing, food, life skills classes, and plenty of emotional support in a ranch style setting.


We serve five specific populations of young women between the ages of 18 and 25. 

- Females aging out of foster care. 
- Females transitioning out of treatment with the Department of Juvenile Corrections. 
- Females from dysfunctional families who turn 18 and do not have any healthy options for moving into adulthood. 
- First time moms who find themselves pregnant but have no place to live.
- Females transitioning out of military service who have suffered some form of trauma.

 Note: These populations are among the most vulnerable for human trafficking


All five of these categories include young women with the potential for a variety of different functional or mental health struggles. The intake procedure for Sacred Heart Ranch includes a safety assessment based on needs of the potential guests and the guests already in residence at the ranch. We want to ensure a good fit for all guests. Current dynamics at any given time are used to determine whether the ranch is a good fit for potential guests. All intake evaluations are performed by the Director/President, Jean Pierre (Pete) Espil who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and in collaboration and consultation with a Clinical Psychologist. 

Sacred Heart Ranch of Idaho provides these young women housing which is available in 90-day blocks with an option to extend up to 12 months as needed. The length of stay is evaluated by directors and treatment providers with input from the board when necessary. There are a total of 6 beds available-one of which will be designated for a pregnant young woman as well as one handicap accessible room.

Clinical services are provided by the guest's agency of choice or by Alliance Family Services. These services include counseling, case management, groups, skills training and support services as needed. The clinical contract is held by Alliance Family Services of Twin Falls. 



At Sacred Heart Ranch our motto is to, “heal, learn, and grow.”  We want Sacred Heart Ranch to be a place of love and support. We believe that the security of a supportive home life based on a family model is best accomplished by hosting a small number of guests. Keeping things small provides the opportunity to sit down together at meals and allows time for each guest when they need assistance.  



The name “Sacred Heart Ranch” reflects the Catholic faith shared by the couple who will be operating and running the day to day activities of this transition home. Jean Pierre (Pete) Espil LCSW, the co-founder and president of Sacred Heart Ranch spent 13 years working in youth and young adult ministry for the Catholic Church in three different states. Additionally, Jaime Thietten-Espil, the co-founder and VP of Sacred Heart Ranch has spent 20 years traveling and performing music in churches across the nation and in other countries. They both have an extended network of resources linked to the Catholic Church and some of its affiliates. Guests at Sacred Heart Ranch are not required to be Catholic. However, we do emphasize principles such as the golden rule, and virtues such as faith, hope, and love. Guests are not required to participate in Catholic services and activities but we do encourage all of our guests to engage in faith-based activities of their choosing. We are not officially affiliated with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise, but we network with the local Catholic Church and its charity affiliates locally and nationally. A large number of our supporters are Catholic. Sacred Heart Ranch has a designated chaplain.


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