Top Ten Things that Distinguish Sacred Heart Ranch from Other Programs


1. Sacred Heart Ranch (SHR) serves females (of all faiths) from 5 specific populations. 
    a) SHR operates according to a trauma informed care model.  
    b) SHR has a strong focus on preventing young women from becoming a victim of sex trafficking 

2. Guests at SHR will spend the largest amount of time on rest, recreation and emotional intelligence/confidence building. 
    a) SHR encourages freedom and independence. 
    b) Guests are encouraged to make responsible decisions for themselves.  
    c) Guests are free to come and go as they please during their stay at SHR. 

3. Guests are accepted at SHR only after it is determined they will be a good fit for the current cohort of guests. 
    a) Safety is paramount to healing and learning.  
    b) SHR can accommodate single pregnant women.  
    c) SHR takes veterans as guests 
    d) SHR does not take families. 
    e) SHR does not take registered sex offenders. 

4. SHR is privately funded through donations and grants. 
    a) SHR is not funded by any government agencies. 

5. Guests do not pay to stay at Sacred Heart Ranch. 
    a) Guests stay for free. 
    b) SHR does not bill insurance or Medicaid. 
    c) Operation of SHR is not reliant on guest acceptance.  

6. SHR housing is transitional. 
    a) SHR helps connect guests to local resources in order to be successful in the community when they are ready to leave.  

7. SHR is not a residential treatment center. 
    a) SHR provides a housing option for women at uncertain times in their lives.   
    b) A graduate from a treatment center in Idaho may come to SHR to transition back into the community. 
    c)A guest at SHR may leave SHR to go to a treatment center in Idaho if they require some form of residential treatment.  

8. SHR is not a “group home.” 
    a) SHR provides a more intimate connection than a standard group type home by only having a small number of guests at a time. 
    b) SHR utilizes a family style model to avoid feeling like an institution.   

9. SHR is not affiliated with the courts or probation departments. 
    a) Guests are not court ordered to live at Sacred Heart Ranch. 
    b) SHR avoids approaches that attempt to force people to behave a certain way.   
    c) Ranch staff interact with guests using Choice Theory as a guideline.  

10. SHR is not a “halfway house” or a “recovery home” for substance use treatment. 
    a) If a guest needs clinical services or some other form of outpatient treatment, it is handled by a referral to a  community provider.

Sacred Heart Ranch of Idaho
148 Blue Lakes Blvd. North
Twin Falls, ID  83301
EIN#: 85-1683176